On November 28th, 2009, Karen Kahler and her daughters Emily and Lauren were shot to death by Karen's estranged husband while they were visiting her grandmother, Dorothy, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Dorothy was also shot and as of yesterday was not doing well and being removed from life support. Sean, Karen's 10 year old son, escaped from the house physically unharmed.

We have created this website to help her family with immediate financial needs and Sean's ongoing care. Please feel free to leave comments for the family as I will be sharing this site with them. And, if you can contribute even a single dollar, it's a drop in the bucket toward helping this devastated family.

Karen, Emily, and Lauren Kahler

Karen, Emily, and  Lauren Kahler
This photo was shared with us by Sunny, Karen's best friend. It was taken on Thanksgivng day.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Vigil

The vigil at the ARC for Karen, Emily, and Lauren Kahler, and Karen's grandmother, Dorothy Wight, was simply beautiful. I was touched to see that so many people turned out on such a frigid night to remember and honor all of these beautiful women. The song played during our time of silence was "Fireflies", and it was so perfectly fitting for Karen. It was one of her favorites. Milton, an elderly gentleman at the ARC, wrote a beautiful poem that was shared. I will post his poem later today. Milton loved Karen and would always hang out in the outdoor area where we had our bootcamp classes, with a friend of his, throwing a baseball back and forth, just to be close to her. Just as she touched many of our lives, she obviously had a great impact on his and added a little extra joy and love to his days. In honor of Karen and her family today, look around at the people you come into contact with and ask yourself what you can do for them to add a little joy to their day. Let's take what Karen gave us all and pay it forward.

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