On November 28th, 2009, Karen Kahler and her daughters Emily and Lauren were shot to death by Karen's estranged husband while they were visiting her grandmother, Dorothy, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Dorothy was also shot and as of yesterday was not doing well and being removed from life support. Sean, Karen's 10 year old son, escaped from the house physically unharmed.

We have created this website to help her family with immediate financial needs and Sean's ongoing care. Please feel free to leave comments for the family as I will be sharing this site with them. And, if you can contribute even a single dollar, it's a drop in the bucket toward helping this devastated family.

Karen, Emily, and Lauren Kahler

Karen, Emily, and  Lauren Kahler
This photo was shared with us by Sunny, Karen's best friend. It was taken on Thanksgivng day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, we helped her family finish packing up the house and loading the Uhaul truck, and I can't begin to say how heart wrenching that day was. The suburban was still in the driveway with all of Lauren's school things in it. A friend and I packed up her books, backpack, sunglasses, music, earrings, and other personal things, and we both just cried. It still is so hard to wrap my head around. How does a daddy do this to his own babies? This was just a beautiful family, going away for Thanksgiving, completely expecting to be home the following week to continue with life. Instead, they became the victims of the ultimate, horrible act of domestic violence. I can not even begin to imagine the grief that her family and close friends have suffered, and even further beyond my scope of comprehension is the loss that Sean has, does, and will feel for the rest of his life.

I guess I'm writing this to ask all of you to please not forget as time passes. Please don't forget this beautiful family and those that are still grieving. Please don't forget Sean. And please, don't forget to LISTEN and LEND HELP to anyone who may be a victim of domestic violence. Please be a voice and speak out for those who can't!


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